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COLOR is our specialty! Do you really need something to stand out? Do you want to get people’s attention? Or does it just make it easier for different people to do their job function? COLOR is the way!

Our expert designers can assist with your design from start to finish, or adapt changes to an existing image, we’ll make it happen. Digital files can be manipulated or hard copy images can be manipulated*.

If you are providing a digital file, feel free to e-mail it to our graphics department. If the file is too large, please contact them and they will be happy to set you up with our FTP site. Digital files are usually best transmitted to us in their native file type.

Some of the programs that we use daily:

  • Photoshop
  • Word
  •  Illustrator
  •  InDesign
  •  Powerpoint
  •  Corel Draw
  •  Excel
  •  Acrobat
  •  AutoCad
  •  Publisher and more…

“Think Outside the Blue!”
and let your imagination run, everything should be in COLOR.


Graphic Design


How to ensure your files print the way you want them to look.

To help you prepare your files for printing we have included some basic tips that should help you to obtain the best results.
(Specific information can be attained by emailing or calling us.)


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How to send files to our office:

E-Mail (slow transfer, not secure, limited attachment size)
File Upload (secure, speedy transfer, no file size limit, easy to use work order)
FTP (secure, speedy transfer, no file size limit, no embedded instructions)

Physical Media:

We can receive Flash Drives, Thumb Drives, External Hard Drives, DVD’s, or CD’s

Please contact us with questions or for more information.

2)    FONTS
Remember to rasterize fonts in Photoshop or save to outlines in Illustrator. While our graphic department has an extensive font library, there are still many more fonts available. By rasterizing or saving fonts to outlines, you ensure that your text will print in the font you intended. Fonts not rasterized or saved to outlines risk being substituted automatically with another font type.

Beware of using images from the web; their resolution is too low to produce quality prints. Web images will look grainy when blown up for large format printing. To proof how your artwork will look at final size, view your images/proofs at 100%


Please flatten photoshop files before submission.
More things to consider
•    In all cases, a High Resolution PDF Document is the ideal format for us to receive.
•    Include all linked and embedded files.


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phone: 517.372.8360 / 800.292.4203

We accept:

(Debit Cards must have the Visa or Master Card logo)

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If you need a solution, “Think Outside the Blue!”
Reprographic services, supplies and equipment. Specializing in large format color mounting and laminating.
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